Information about BarkYours


A Dog Lover's Marketplace

Coming from a family of dog lovers, we know that one thing holds true... any gift that reminds us of our dogs - and how much meaning and joy they bring to our lives - has extra special meaning.

And, that's the inspiration behind BarkYours.  Creating a marketplace where we could make it easy and fun to shop for unique gifts for our fellow dog lovers has been a passion of ours for some time. 

What do you get for that person who has everything?  Or that person who treasures anything that reminds them of their dog?  Or gets a kick out of the funny things our dogs do?  Or even that new dog owner who may be slightly overwhelmed and in love all at the same time?  The answer:  You come to BarkYours, a place where people create and sell special products inspired by our best friends.

What you'll find here speaks to a community that shares one common characteristic - a sincere love and appreciation for our dogs.

Enjoy, and BarkYours!